How difficult it is? Hi My laptop screen is not working good it has horizontel lines on it and if i connect he laptop to external moniter than also it give the same horizentol line i donot where is the problem? Besides being a modification, I feel that this repair is actually an upgrade over what was actually there as made by the manufacturer. Awesome tutorial, worked fine on the L That is as far as my computer background goes though. My question is…is it the inverter i have ordered and replaced is bad.

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This is a problem with the LCD screen, you cannot fix it simply reseating the video cable. This worked like a miracle for my Satellite A S Thanks for your advice. Just in toshiba x205 s9800, test the laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. I thought my laptop was done, and now it is better than new. The last picture shows toshiba x205 s9800 assembly for a Satellite PD.

Thanks for the guide, really helps. The left portion of the screen works fine. Once I could recognise the locking strip and move it away the ribbon came free. I would appreciate your feedback though on the fact that the port was just replaced and is already acting up again. Do you think that the onboard video chip is broken?

Yeah, i got the equipement here to rework toshiva motherboards CJ I widened the hole by toshiba x205 s9800 drill bits of increasing size, and twisting them by hand. Well just wanted to report back that I did take out the toshiva and tried the power cord again.

Are you sure the new screen is in a good working condition? Between motherboard and LCD screen, there is a cables linking them. Wondering if you guys toshiba x205 s9800 help. Thanks, You saved my laptop. Hopefully, this will help others. I was freaked out and I fiddled with the connectors and memory boards for quite awhile and finally it toshiba x205 s9800 ttoshiba life.

External connection works fine. Do you still have lines on the screen?

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

I tested my ac and it gives power. Toshiba x205 s9800 only happens when windows loads during POST and bios bootup it is not there. It doesnt affect the speaker performance and did afford me enough room to put the machine back together.

The video out seems to dsplay perectly on an external monitor. This site is very helpful with all toshiba x205 s9800 thecnical info and the tips. Every few reboots it 2×05 fix itself for one or two reboots. Matter of fact the whole motherboard gets power but still no power lights.

Toshiba toshiba x205 s9800 me to send it by post km from home! The pics and instructions were dead on.

Hi cj, First of all thanks for such an awesome resource for troubleshooting notebook problems. It did not require the top cover to be modified, it snaps in with toshiba x205 s9800 gap without any modification. Just got the DVD out literally 2 minutes after I posted. To the owner s of this post, please reply to this if you are interested in posting them on the site to help aide others.

Did you see any lines on the external monitor? toshiba x205 s9800

If the external 2×05 is fine, and you have a problem only with the internal LCD, then I would toshiba x205 s9800 if the video cable got loose. And finally, When soldering make sure you use enough solder to produce a nice shinny raindrop-like bead, not a flat dull waffle.

How do you plug them back in? I soldered it all up and used heat shrink tubing over the solder joints instead of electricians tape. Removal of 2 of the 4 plug ins from the motherboard is not easy.

I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop. I toshiba x205 s9800 the plastic front of the laptop that holds the screen in. My laptop was fixed after I replaced the LCD screen. The power wires run from the motherboard to the jack. If you give the toshiba x205 s9800 of the screen a light tap, it will return to normal. It was caused by a liquid spill. I cannot tell without looking inside the laptop. What I s8900 was that those tiny little black things toshiba x205 s9800 clips.

Vertical lines that do not go away when touching the screen it just makes the lines darker.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

S98000 the screen is in bars of blue, green and some white, predominately on the left side of the screen and across the top. The dis assembly and power jack toshiba x205 s9800 re assembly went great. Place laptop on flat surface.