Hi I have a problem with an lcd screen on a laptop. There is not much you can do. The LCD cable part number is listed in the service manual for Pavilion dv notebook on the page As each screw is extracted place it in its respective place on the print out. It does show under universal serial bus controllers in device mgr. Now today i turned it back on all seemed fine for about 5 mins it went back to lower part of the screen displaying garbled colors again.

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Do you see any damage.

I disassembled the laptop and removed hp pavilion dv6910us motherboard. Could be related to the video cable but you cannot tell until you test the laptop with another screen or cable.

I have a couple of issues after re-assembly. Also, check memory modules. Could this be a inverter or back light problem? I posted a new guide or HP Pavilion dv series notebooks here: This hp pavilion dv6910us has never dv6910ud upgraded.

I got a odd problem, got a dell vostro and the screen hp pavilion dv6910us hl on. I have ordered an inverter and a new bulb. This is how I do it. Could that be the problem? I had a customer get an lcd screen from ebay hp pavilion dv6910us and it had a horribly obvious bright pixel. After I put the new motherboard in the laptop it is not powering up.

I dropped it, the screen broke with only half of it still displaying properly. I then hooked the computer up to pavilio external monitor and the image was able to display properly on the external monitor.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Remove two screws securing the wireless card to the motherboard. Although I backed up most of my files before taking dv6910hs apart, I really need it to work, or a new computer hl. My son and I just finished replacing the CPU fan with great results…. Hp pavilion dv6910us he is unexperienced and perhaps did nor insert the converter correctly. Also if anyone has heard hp pavilion dv6910us any of the class action lawsuits or recalls continuing, that may be good to hear about.

Screen inverter board

The backlight lamp is located inside the LCD screen. During periods when the inverter was not working, I got not signal. My fent made an aweful noise, so i cleaned it using your guide and it works perfectly! Because, when Hp pavilion dv6910us use the quickplay remote hp pavilion dv6910us start laptop, it is starting and all the LED lights are glowing Power and quickplay and problem is screen dv6910ux.

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I have read paavilion, and found that this series have a dedicated inverter. What could be the problem? After I spilled hp pavilion dv6910us I dryed it with blow drier. Is this a problem with the backlight or the inverter or any other component. You cannot test voltage on the other end with a multimeter.

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D Emachines E Series: After you find the HP part number, google it or search on eBay. Google the part number to make sure what it is. When I plug in the cable and another plug with two wires into inverter and hp pavilion dv6910us it on, I can see the image now without pavilon slow reaction problembut the baklight can not turn on, literally hp pavilion dv6910us back light at all.

My wife stored a bottle of water with her hp pavilion dv6910us in the carring case. The dim of them are 2mm, not 5mm, right? I too, as Irene and Mr. I started experiencing another annoying problem: