I would be happy if i could get some help. From doing some research it looks like it uses a plug-in rather than solder type power jack which is nice. Is there an easy way to check the other end of the cable? For the first five or so minutes. There is no lock securing the cable on the small connector.

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A newer version of your browser may be available. I tried plugging and unplugging the LCD connectors you show on step 17 several times, but sony vaio vpcf1190x still goes white.

I loved this info, I should have found this site before opened my laptop wrongly, but now this help me to find my sony vaio vpcf1190x with my touchpad. Now you can pull the cable from the connector. I repaired hinge using your guide! Carefully lift up the media button board cover with a sharp object and continue removing with your fingers.

Undo the DC connector from the motherboard, there is a small hole in vpcf11190x top of the connector, push it gently while pulling the lead. Carefully separate the display panel from the screen and you should see the back side of the screen. What would the best course of action be? Did it show any image at all? Maybe connections pointed with two arrows? On the following picture the connect is shown in sony vaio vpcf1190x unlocked position.

Is it a physical switch on the side of the vpxf1190x So I have figured its most sony vaio vpcf1190x the screen inverter board. Thank you so much!

I do not know what is wrong with it. Hi, I sony vaio vpcf1190x be happy if i could get sny help. This guide worked for my laptop also.

Chrome Download the latest version. I have a pcgl are these instructions the same for lcd screen replacement on my model? I have asked for a new card since this one sony vaio vpcf1190x getting so vpcv1190x connectivity and I was wondering, how can I replace this siny car by a new one that use 3 antennas at Mbps?

From doing some sony vaio vpcf1190x it looks like it uses a plug-in rather than solder type power jack which is nice. Its been helpful so many times!

I am unable to find it on the net! Very clear and easy to follow. Any tricks to putting those ribbon cables wony into the connectors?

Taking apart Sony Vaio VPCF1 and replacing screen

Lever out the sony vaio vpcf1190x jack and pull throught the cable. It worked for a couple of hours and the white screen started again. Better than a video.

There is no lock securing the cable on the small vpcf110x. Thus far it seems to be working fine. If you appreciate my work and find this vpf1190x useful, please support this site. The only difference was that there was only sony vaio vpcf1190x keyboard connector cable.

If I move the laptop the power supply disconnects can you help, thanks. Pop the rear panel up from the side the blueray drive is on, levering up and pushing slightly to the far side. Thanks for publishing these repair instructions.

Thanks sony vaio vpcf1190x advance Regards… Russo.

Consumer Electronics | Sony US

Where can I find a replacement? You saved me paying someone a lot of money man. Should slip off fairly easily. For the first five or so minutes. The screen is dark but with a flashlight I can faintly see my home screen images are still very dim. I followed your steps until the part about getting the keyboard of, then fitted sony vaio vpcf1190x cable plug s and MAGIC!